Anatomy of a Punch: Wilder vs. Szpilka | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

Undefeated WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder breaks down his devastating ninth round knockout over Polish challenger Artur Szpilka on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING.

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  1. deonty and wilder great fight i think Joshua's fighting stance Olympics background as a gold metalist gives cauasl fans a false percetion .wilder him self bronze metalist and plenty of experience. this is about effectiveness wilder 100% effective with each hand he finishes opponents in a fashion unseen before i repeat this is a new era new era those days for stationary fighters with no footwork is over even with power its useless footwork is essential and a key component in a complete fighter . wilder is more skilled than people think and because of his muscler lean frame niggas be sleeping and get slept double the wins of joshua and is naturally stronger than joshua . my nigga wilder keep it simple in training camp . and still knocking these crakkkkkas out

  2. See I used to think that he would just walk out into the ring and throw punches, but after watching that I can see that he thinks about what punches the throw when he is in there. Before I just thought he just throws a punch and hopes for the best, but there is method to his madness. Best of luck for the future Deontay.

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