She Been in a TRAIN.. Would you WIFE HER? DJ Akademiks x No Jumper (Adam) x LENA

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  1. lol If a woman had a train ran on her that is an instant sign of promiscuity and a red flag signaling that you should not look for anything long term with her. Tf kind of question lol

  2. i'm pretty sure it's so many girls out there that have had trains ran on them & niggas just don't know. half of y'all niggas saying you wouldn't wife but don't no bitches even want y'all in the first place.

  3. adam22 is not simpin! he know damn well what he's doing. he ain't planning on wifing that hoe! he's gonna pipe her out for as long as he can then move on

  4. I can't cap ion want no hoe. But if a guy said the same shit she saying talking about threesomes w 2 girls and shit he would be getting all the props but a female does it it's a problem. She can do whatever tf she wants w herself. The problem I have is she's not claiming her hoeness. Like gtfo you know you a hoe. But sucks for her she's not a guy cause double standards are a bitch. Lol

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