Jay Z Former Protege ‘Memphis Bleek’ Files for Bankruptcy. Says he Only has $100 in cash.

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DJ Akademiks Speaks on Jay Z Former Protege ‘Memphis Bleek’ Filing for Bankruptcy. Says he Only has $100 in cash.
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  1. filing for bankruptcy is a way to get creditors off your back…i'm sure bleek has a little paper put away, but the way we're taught to deal w/ credit and money we are bound to f*ck up money…just like i see you're saying in the video now lol…

  2. @Akademiks: Brother, why are you putting this man business out there!! He ain't Drake, I think we all know what he doing!! But, u don't see writing what he did!! See is 1 thing to bring us news, and it's another thing to put people business out in the open!! Would u like it if u was going through a tuff time, and some person comes out no where and put u out there!! I mean, what if he really did have only a $100 no one needs to know!! That's his personal problem, not the world's!! U need to bring us better shit, other than gossip!! Step ur game up bro!!

  3. Jay looking like, "These niggaz just don't know I'm bout to sell my soul to the Elite devils and get that Rothschild money after I suck a few Jewish dicks, eat some poop, and take it up my butt then count my billions while dating the hottest chick in the game…they can watch me from their t.v. set in the hood while I look at them in my rearview"…

  4. notice the beginning of the MK ULTRA mind control on Jay Zs face… everybody else having fun but hes "eye to eye with the higher ups." theyre telling him how to remove himself from petty money..they see hes a magnet so they grabbed him early.. Look at what hes become thus far. where exactly is he gonna end up………..PRESIDENT??????

  5. Hovas in a trance while Lucifer son of the morning is outlining his successful future while prophecizing of colleeks blood sacrifice and his eventual Unholy Union with Baphomet! ..oh my bad…Beyoncé

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