Floyd Mayweather [UNCENSORED] with Hollywood Unlocked: Part 3

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From Connor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao. to Donald Trump, Nelly, 50 Cent, and Ray J, no topic is off limits in this exclusive five part series.

In part three of this exclusive interview, the champ breaks down why he doesn’t use the ‘N’ word and his friendship with Ray J. Mayweather also opens up about his ex, Ms. Jackson and why he was so hurt by what he was told was a “miscarriage.”

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  1. he talks like that in front of them, but i'm pretty sure he teaches them right from wrong, he's a smart man , he's cool, relaxed, doesn't talk bad about anyone, carefully chooses his words, stop hating,

  2. Everyone needs to lay off him about his kids being there. Seriously those are his kids let him raise them how he sees fit, at the end of the day he will deal with the consequences not yall. I dont agree with kids being there either but they aint my kids so why would I talk shit… and especially when I dont pay his bills. Thats the problem these days, youre listening to his interview and too busy judging what the background is like….meanwhile I bet you the same people who hotbox your car with cigarettes while your kids are sitting in the back seat.

  3. 16:43 "I got a new strip club that I'm opening up"…After all that explanation he gave about the difference between a "Gentleman's Club" & a "Strip Club", and he was very adamant that his business is only a Gentleman's Club…lol

  4. So he says that Hillary never attended one of his fights, but Trump did…what point is he trying to make? He doesn't wanna say who he endorses, but he went out of his way to put that out…so I'm assuming he was alluding that he's a Trump supporter simply based on that…that's logical. He could've used a better reason.

    Why would Hillary be there in the first place? Unless she's into boxing (which she probably isn't, but who knows) or unless Floyd has a relationship with her and she's there to support him. Trump was probably there because he bet lots of money on the winner; he's more likely to do that.

  5. in one conversation, he loses track of what he wants to say.. he'll say a word and change the whole topic, forgetting his original point… 😒 never finishes a thought before changing to another one

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