Floyd Mayweather [UNCENSORED] with Hollywood Unlocked: Part 1

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From Connor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao. to Donald Trump, Nelly, 50 Cent, and Ray J, no topic is off limits in this exclusive five part series.

The world boxing champ unlocks details on everything form racism, how he has grown The Money Team (TMT) as well as his monthly 7-figure monthly income for the rest of his life! It doesn’t stop there, he also opens up about his personal life from his most recent relationship to being nick named, ”King Build a Bitch!”

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  1. Black people are the only race of people with this i love everyone shit. Take a good look around you and see that thinking like that has not worked in our favor. Kill that noise. It is time for us to come together and focus on our race and community only. Every other race understands this but us.

  2. King build a bitch a.k.a captain save a hoe . Straight up bro it's not all about the money then what is it about. " iv'e never heard someone say i love you and the lights stayed on " Boy i'm over here taking notes on my i-phone LOL

  3. *When the boss comes to visit.
    This is probably the most boring interview. Everybody is walking on eggshells trying to be super respectful of Floyd which they should. It was still boring though… not their typical raw interviews

  4. Floyd might have money but GODD*MN is he an insecure idiot. He needs a constant group of "yes people" kissing his ass (like the silent audience in this vid) and always needs to let people know how rich he is.

    He tries WAY, WAY, WAY too hard. If he really felt secure about himself, that'd be unnecessary.

  5. Great Show! I really didn't know much about Mr. Mayweather and was pleasantly surprised about how down to earth and lovable he was. I really enjoyed the show and can't wait to see you all work together again in the future… great chemistry..

  6. Okay just because your an interviewer and you interview famous people does not mean you know them , you still form an opinion on them and your opinion is just as invalid as someone who is not an interviewer because you don't know that person personally and ain't with them on the daily. Stupid ass bitch thinking she know everything.

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