French Montana Tells People to Stop Posting Threats if You aint Gonna Do Nothing…


DJ Akademiks Speaks on French Montana telling People to Stop Posting Threats if You aint Gonna Do Nothing…
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  1. These rappers are programmed to brainwash you, how can you rap about how you rob, kill and sell crack to your fellow blacks, but suddenly exclaim for blacks to riot and worsen your position.

  2. Let's think outside of the box. Stop marching, stop sending threats and stop trying to turn up with aggression. You can use an element against the exact same element, it will only add to it. Silence is Golden. The walls of Jericho. understand me.

  3. see this shit iz what Tupac was telling uz about with these rappers …peep the game !! PAC and C murder the only niggaz who did shoot copz so don't let none of these cowards influence y'all

  4. Fuck Black Lives matter and I'm black. They racist as fuck. Where the fuck they at when these fake asa bloods, crips and who every else wanna be gang members thugs and drug deal are killing Niggas. Mike drop!!! Start with us first then worry bout whitey! Marching and protest get you nothing. Haven't we learn anything from the white man. If you want it you got to take it. Deez Niggas scared but will conspire to take my life though. Not the judges not the lawyers, not the prosecutors, senators, or congressman, But will kill another nigga in a heart beat. 100 yrs is a 100 yrs. But you wanna get mad a whitey for killing me first. Kill ya self!

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