Would You Ever with a Bad Chick….. while Dropping Opps on COD.

— Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/akademiks


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  1. HOLLLLLLLLLDDDD UP Ik this old but…

    Her body count ain't adding up!
    So 14 dudes, but she's 22?
    But, she claims she had a boyfriend for four year.
    Seeing if she started fucking at age 1516 , that either means in fourthree years she fucked 13 dudes, or she was unfaithful, or she didn't have a boyfriend for that long.
    Either way it doesn't look good……
    Plus she knew the number off the top of her head, making me think it was thought up.
    Which makes me think she was just fronting for the live stream πŸ™„

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