Tank talks Moniece Slaughter stalking him with Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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Singer and songwriter Tank swung by Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored this week and shared the bizarre and disturbing details of his past relationship with Love and Hip Hop cast member Moniece Slaughter. Tank also cleared the air about the fued between him and former group member Tyrese after the breakup of super R&B group TGT and didn’t leave without finally putting the gay rumors to rest. Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored​ airs every Monday at 3:00 pm PST on the Dash Radio App under T-Boz’s ‘iCraft’ channel.

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  1. As amusing as the storytelling is, something is off.
    1. You were a Grown Man messing around with a teenager, whom you basically admitted to saying that you told her all the things she wanted to hear, and I'm sure there was some "I love yous" and all types of pillow talk
    2. "Pull-out king," but you have multiple baby mamas and multiple children.
    3. Moniece is not the first woman he has "made love," with that he has tried to vehemently deny and tried to write off as a groupie.
    4. How Gio and Tank think the pull-out method is a viable form of birth control, especially after they both have children, is beyond me.

  2. While he over there trying to shame moniece about stalking he need to be minding his own business at home while his wife up and down Hollywood stalking The Game after he has been putting it down on her but he ain't got nothing to say about that or that he didn't know for sure if their last baby was for him or the game lol fuck niggas get on my nerves trying to clown folks when they have tooo many skeletons to form a cemetery

  3. Tank is very immature his mindset is of a teenager…First of all why are you having a one night with a woman and not using protection.Second something is really missing from his story so all this happened after a one night stand.Y'all wasn't spending anytime together or in a relationship..Lastly his comment on his pull out game dude really omg. To many men have his mindset viewing women as just some sex object, their entire goal in life is just to fuck as many woman as possible!!!Grow up geesh!!!Life is not just about fucking. Find you a life partner and build your family with..This mindset is so detrimental to our community

  4. These interviews rarely-if ever-make me laugh…this ish had me cracking up. I don't even vibe with Tank's music, but the way he tells this story-his whole demeanor is hilarious. He got a fan out of me! And all of these comments about him being disrespectful are ridiculous and corny. Moniece made her own bed period. Tank was a lot nicer than he had to be. He really needs his own show. LOL

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