Kevin Gates on Drug Addiction, His Life Story, And More! (Full Interview) | BigBoyTV

Kevin Gates is in the studio to talk about working for what he’s got, his past with drugs addiction, being used, getting clean and being a father. His life story, how it was then compared to what it is now and more!






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  1. I really do think kevin its my long lost brother ! Everything he says is exactly what I been through and think! I don't watch tv alot either and my house is so peaceful! God bless bro

  2. My question is why did he HAVE to sell drugs to fulfill his purpose? He couldve supported his family by staying in school and graduated. Noone ever said you had to sell drugs…

  3. this dude is faaaar from a righteous man. in fact hes worse than the typical sinner bcuz hes purposely misleadn multitudes, and their blood is on his hands 4 sure..dont let the devil fool yall forever bcuz the punishment is beyond unbearable…i will pray 4 yall

  4. those who get it get it molecules neutrons and shit he said he tried to die twice and it didn't work he died for this wife pregnant and he got ice pick yeah he watching out for people he just all over the place.alot of stuff he wish he didn't know wake the fuck up

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