Freddie Gibbs Arrested on Rape Charges in France. Set to be Extradited to Austria to stand Trial.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Freddie Gibbs being Arrested on Rape Charges in France. He is Set to be Extradited to Austria to stand Trial.
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  1. Whatttt I don't believe it Freddie is such a cool good dude. I wouldn't be surprised if he was around some girl n something got miscommunication or something I can't see him doing that I've met him and he's super nice

  2. Right if ur famous get some provable consent learn from tupac he got charges pushed on him scandalous hoes will fuck it up for real victims and criminals out there smh

  3. personally..IDGAF what any chic is talking about at anytime..on any subject…for  any reason…How do you know if a woman is lying? …If her fuckin lips are movin…every bitch gotta rape story…but I don't know one man whoever raped anybody….superstars raping people? that shit ait even logical…pssy gets thrown at them all day…lesson to BM…stop fuckin these bitches you don't know on the road…you gotta grow up at some point…the world has changed for the worse…stop fallin for the same shit…niggas need a new struggle..leave these down for whatever ass bitches alone. Game goofy ass niggas. I feel sorry for bruh…and bill cosby..ans Colby..and countless other innocent men who couldn't control they dick….get smarter.

  4. I betchoo these niggas fuckin these IG thots (that want u to pay em) n not paying em like they were suppose to. So the bitch is gonna hit you with rape charges. Nigga just go fuck regular bitches, I'm not cashin out for none of them thots.

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