Marshawn Lynch | Making of 60 MINUTES SPORTS

Go behind the scenes with Super Bowl Champion and NFL running back Marshawn Lynch. Hear from 60 MINUTES SPORTS correspondent Jon Wertheim and producer Nathalie Sommer on the rare interview they conducted with one of the most elusive athletes in sports. Their full segment premieres in a new edition of 60 MINUTES SPORTS on Tuesday, June 7th at 9PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

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  1. They all have clothingand shoe lines and properties . Once they retire they are open season for the lawyers and money managers. He is in serious trouble. He is no longer in the nfl . He can't act the way he is acting in this segment and expect to be successful.

  2. "by saying almost nothing at all, he tapped into something that resonates with people"

    yeah, we all get sick of the media too and all their constant bullshit they try and shove in our faces and brainwash us with

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