Luenell talks Amber Rose and Reality T.V. with Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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  1. Luenell is wonderful grown a** woman.. A very deep, hilarious young lady. Old school at its Best……That book is deep. Read it in the early 90's along with others……

  2. Thanks Lunell for stating that the Education system has failed when it comes to history/ Black History in general and some geography… This mainly happens on the West Coast. You wouldn't think that a place like the Bay Area, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Reno schools would teach this. That is why so many kids are so fucked up with race, due to what has been taught from the home and at the dinner table at night. Racism out Northwest down to the south like L.A. is so bad and "amongst people of color from your Mixed Black and White, Lightskin Blacks who are just Black, and Latinos are often against darker skins and dating them when it is only a color and is getting worse." It is common to know what white people do when it comes to being racist because it is in their DNA to never change no matter how cool they are with you at times, but black doing this to each other is so superficial it is crazy. Lunell thanks for educating that panel and people who are watching about the "Isis Papers" by Dr. Francis…" (JASON, PLEASE READ THAT… YOUR MIND WILL CHANGE ON A LOT OF THINGS) regardless to how the title may sound. Melissa, I have grown to like you even more, but the dating and superficialness must cease. Having a preference is one thing, but being so over the top and stupid with a un-realistic list of unnecessary things is another. Skin tone is one of them. Thank God you have women who know real men like Beyonce regardless to his looks. Those guys you girls are choosing can't keep you around long enough, because you are not their first selection. Most of the time they are doing you because it is traditional and to keep cover. Most of them are super DL and Bi. Real men love real women.

  3. Dough boy and Melissa Ford should of stayed home. They did not add anything to this interview. And who are those two dumbasses in the back. One was sleep the other was is on his phone. Did Jason just say he was Bisexual? What does he mean by being "flexible."

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