Troy Ave Charged with Attempted Murder after Shooting Incident at TI Concert.


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  1. Another statistic…he's 33 born and raised in Brooklyn just like me and you wanna carry a rachet to a club in Manhattan??? AND you had "bodyguards". I feel for him but you won't hear free Troy Ave outta me he had that coming

  2. niggas aint buss on the kkklan yet, no aryan nations, no racist cops, nothing, will buss up in a crowd tho…f outta here. They gonna shyne this cat

  3. Now some of these niggaz and bitches living off his ends are gonna be looking for work else where cause dude is going to be a prisoner of his own ignorance for sometime.

  4. i like Ur channel n Ur input, BUT… this is most likely gonna drag on in court for years. he's out on bail/ house arrest or some shit. this imo is what is going to happen, either its going to get acd'd bc the DA, after getting duh info it might be a self defense case n won't want to bring it to trial or with a powerhouse attorney is going to let the "heat" die down n going to get a decent plea that will most likely be an out of jail sentence! we will see. i'm no attorney, n idk know the law like one. BUT i don't think they r gonna hit him with 10 years. lets stay tuned. appreciate this show!!!

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