Jesse Williams Talks New Documentary, ‘Ebroji’ App, & Grey’s Anatomy

Jesse Williams talks new documentary ‘Stay Woke’ which touches on Black Lives Matter, his new ‘Ebroji’ app, Grey’s Anatomy, and more!

Aired: 5-24-16

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  1. Angie, seemed a bit out of her element with this interview. He was compelling on his own, she was a distraction. She was surprised by everything he had to say. Does she not ever read a book? (besides her own). Jesse needs his own podcast. #staywoke

  2. This guy is not as smart as he'd like you to think he is. He makes a few good points, but he's also guilty of just espousing whatever he's been told by some racist members of the Black Live Matter Movement. Not everyone's intentions are for the best. I don't tink he's a racist and I do think he's well intentioned, but he's also misinformed. I'm willing to bet that the main reason that he's a front man who speaks on behalf of the BLM is because of his celebrity status. They're using him and he thinks he's doing everything of his own free will.

  3. Angie is not an intellectual, she's so annoying. KEEP UP ANGIE! I hate when she brings intellectuals to her show. I have a hard time enjoying it because she always manages to dumb it down.

  4. Angie sounds like an idiot talking to him and I can tell he knows that she is an idiot. I hate it when I'm talking to an idiot and they try to make me think that we are on the same level.

  5. Yea, I have loved Angie for years, but she needs to stick to fluff and interviews with rappers about the music industry. Advocacy, civil rights, politics … totally not her lane. I guess she doesn't feel connected to the cause. O_O This was bad, Angie. On the flip side, I heard her book was really good.

  6. The only "invention" is this guy thinking he's black. Black is a skin tone or descriptive word. His dad was black, of African decent. This guy is white of African decent and European decent. Black and white are not ethnicitys. If so then yellow is as well and in that logic blacks are actually browns.

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