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Catch Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED] with Jason, DoBoy & Melyssa every Monday at 3PM PST!
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2. Find the ‘iCraft’ channel
3. Select Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored

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Hollywood Unlocked is an exclusive entertainment news platform that provides celebrity news in a truthful and positive light. By leveraging Jason Lee’s close relationships with celebrities and social media influencers, Hollywood Unlocked has become a powerful, mainstream source of information!

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  1. OK, I like the show and the cast. They all bring something different. I enjoyed getting to see the REAL Melyssa Ford. I saw her on a radio show. I forgot the name, but it's a popular nyc morning radio show with 2 jokers and a female. Ever since then, I thought she was a gold digger looking for a rich man to get serious with her. And went into real estate business of selling houses, because she just couldn't bet the rich man to commit, so she tried to get her own riches. It clear that she can get rich NBA dick, but putting a ring on it is a different story. Now I see she just wants a good successful man who will treat her like a lady. There is nothing wrong with a Honda Accord, but I'm willing to bet Melyssa wouldn't be caught dead in one anytime soon…lol. DoBoy, you would have had a better chance to hit if you wasn't a host of the show and if you acted more like a gentleman. But I prefer you to be yourself for the show.

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