Azealia Banks Disses Zayn Malik, UK Grime and gets Suspended from Twitter and Dropped from Concert.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Azealia Banks dissing Zayn Malik, UK Grime and gets Suspended from Twitter and Dropped from Concert.
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  1. I'm late 2 this but I just watched the dudes video today & he clearly jacked her bmx suit from HeavyMetal and the one eye effect she did in YungRapunzel. She wasn't lying. That cultural appropriation shyt is real…whoever was behind the making of that video knows why she was mad.

  2. She's right about grime.. They are all fake wannabe gangsters… Grime is shit and always will be and if you listen to any grime or do any grime then kys

  3. how is she bitter she has her own thing going on so please when lil Kim and Nikki was going in on each other it's cool kim went in on nik because nik is obviously stole her "flow" or "style" 14 yr old girl should be doing 14 yr old things (excuse punctuation or a lack or punctuation I work i have a job )

  4. Men don't like her just because she don't represent herself like bad gal who dragged by a man (her boyfriend or smb) and slaying around for her love other girls. Men are always so annoyed by strong independent charismatic women. It's about biology thing. I feel like there are double standarts going on here. Men can't stand girls that they don't want to fuck. That's beacause Grace Jones were cheated by public in the fullness of time. Azelia Banks appeals to my heart and mind, bit not to genitalies. That's why I respect her.

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