K. Michelle Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (03/29/2016)

K. Michelle discusses the comments that Maino & Uncle Murda had to say about her, her new album “More Issues Than Vogue”, all the work she’s had done on her body plus much more with The Breakfast Club

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  1. I love Angela Yee more for her professionalism……I know some women would've argued back with K. Michelle who was pretty harsh and keep on bringing up that feminist card ever since Yee had to reply…🤔

  2. For All Of You Who Don't Understand WHY K Was Upset At Angela. She Is A Artist. Any Negative Thing That Surfaces During The Time Or Close To A Album Release Is Not Good. That Can Step Over Or Hold Over Your Light From Shining. She Clearly Explained In The Interview What He Thought On With The Person Who Said It. He Never Slept With Her So How Does He Know. It Simply Could've Been Left At That During That Interview. But Then For Another Female, Who Supports Your Work, Who Know About Your Album Coming Out, Who Is Apart Of The Family. Instead Of Leaving It Alone. She Brought It Back Up! Like She Said It's A Time And A Place For Jokes, Negativity Right Before A Album Release, Is No Longer A Joke. That Could've Been Done Maybe At A Later Time. It's About Your Timing. THEN For Angela To Bring The Fact That K Brought Up Negativity Before Someone Book Release, Simply Shows How Childish She Really Was. Don't Speak Things That Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With You, Especially If You Know Nothing About It! Simple. That Had Nothing To Do With Her. That's Why K Got In Her Ass Again.

  3. Angela don't owe K.Michelle sh!t. What is this, "you're a woman, and you should've…." ? How many women have K.Michelle put her mouth on? She got the come up not because of her music but because she kept putting her mouth on Tamar Braxton. If I were Yee, I Would have told her straight up…"b!tch, you're not above being laughed at, you don't scare me."

  4. She might sound a little ratchet, but she's got a damn good head on them shoulders. She's making all the right moves, business lady and all.

  5. But k Michelle ur pusy smells u around the new best remedies technology, u rich, u spent thousands on body surgeries, pusy comes first, a woman know before anybody knows her pusy smells, she said joseline give the cocaine a rest, give that pusy a break, get it together b4 u f a man specially a man n the industry he gon tell, a woman who can't hold out on sex n her pusy smells is a nasty messy bich

  6. All I gotta say is a guy will tell you your pussy stank before a female does! Soulja boy spilled the beans and K Michelle can't take the heat . Angela too nice and need to work on her clap backs for real for real. K need to shut up because she start shit and now that they saying her pussy stank she can't sleep and eat😭chile pleaseeee

  7. This is how I feel about this… First of all K Michelle has/had every right to defend herself IF she felt like she was getting bashed about something but I also feel like she did a little too much to me. She came on the breakfast club for an interview, she knows how the breakfast club gets down… Angela Yee SIMPLY did her job! point blank period. regardless of women supporting each other (cause I'm all for that) She still had a job to do and that was to bring some Ish up about her and Ole boy Manio. Since Angela Yee was suppose to be family, she could have came to her differently and pulled her to the side like a real woman should have instead of going in on her. K Michelle isn't innocent by far and she has spoke on things about people she should have kept her mouth shut on… like for instance, Joseline Hernandez, I Cannot stand her with all my heart, but K Michelle went Live and bashed this girl about her breast feeding her baby and giving her baby drugs through the milk. What's the difference???

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