The Cast of FOXs ‘The Real’ on Michelle Obama, Khloe Kardashian and More (Full Interview) | BigBoyTV

The Cast of ‘The Real’ is in the studio talking about their time at the White House, Chrissy Teigen Twitter hate, James Harden cheating on Khloe Kardashian, which cast member Loni would save from drowning, and more!






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  1. Some "Christians" REALLY need to get over homophobia and realize that Homosexuality is a real thing and is not made up just because. The same way God made you straight he made Other people AND. Species Gay. Stop being small minded and realize there is life outside of your world and stop acting like Christians have all the answers cus you don't. You're on the same planet and figuring out life just like the next. How about you take a second and learn what it means to be LGBT. How about you learn to love and stop trying to damn people to hell. That's not your job. focus on your own salvation. If got didn't want his people to be gay, he wouldn't had made them gay nor would he allowed it. Learn to love and get to know your neighbor instead of judging them. ❤️

  2. I think Jeannie and her love for fashion thinks that if she had a "gay little boy" he'd be into fashion and fabulous and queer and everything!!! Frankie Grande like !!
    Honey there are normal, non flashy feminine gay boys like Neil Patrick Harris !
    Her comment was stupid. Really dumb.

  3. she compared picking the gender and aspirin….mad scientist/ government can justify everything. She said God would deliver her a homosexual little boy. Wont be my God that deliver that, I know our Gods are not the same…..Peace and blessings!!!

  4. I've become enthusiastic on a big screen kicking back like a star cinematic I'm more than taking I'm overcoming it's overwhelming all my lifes living tragic hype beat when I'm smashing slow jams during traffic's love making music nothing close to using magic. fucken faggots y'all wouldn't even be putting on any fucken show knowing it's your size bitch acting like it don't fit step sisters would die for that foot that will fit kill for that foot that might look like it could fit I guess that only leaves me as the pretty Cinderella looking for that fine fellah what I tell yah imma tell you once again fuck you you fuck with the real you fucking with me I got that weight.

  5. Jeannie what just came out of your month,girl for a christian woman that was very unwise to say….God is trying to get his people to heaven not to hell!…… watchs the things that comes out of you're life! words has power!

  6. Umm, so I thought she was going to explain why she'd want a gay little boy, but then she went on talking about raising the next president. I don't get the connection, but okay girl.

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