Jay Electronica Says He Will SLAP 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar is his Son and Disses Action Bronson.

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DJ Akademiks Speaks on Jay Electronica getting on periscope and ranting about how he’ll SLAP 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar is his Son and even Disses Action Bronson.
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  1. Jay Electronica will body 50 and Kendrick Lamar lyrically conscious wise.. Spiritual wise 50& Kendick got nothing on Jay. Yes 50 gives you a show a lyrics are catchy will sell. Kendick the same thing. Besides if you play this enough on the radio air ,social media, it get into the mines it will play repetitive messages, this is great to start a music beef for money for all three he e got you talking so good bad publicity is good for all. This is there agena. Aside from that Action Bronson is a B Bitter and he's not Original. Ghost Face is and will always remain Ghost, not some edomite. Wake up your conscious. God Bless.

  2. Why are people still going after Fifty? He's already said it's never over with him, and I think he won't let it be over until he crushes you. Even if you do get him initially, he ain't likely to let things end that way. Like dude said, Kendrick is far too consistent for me to put any stock in what he said. While I do take Ghost over Action, I can't lie, I do like his music, it's fun.

  3. who's this fuck nigga tryna get fame by calling out other rappers lol? my dude look like a backup actor from the movie planet of the apes looooool,who u gon slap ugli nigga lol,on my life 50 would punch yo ugly ass so hard some of his bone fragments will fill up the gap in yo front teeth lmfao!,and you're better than kendrick? let me tell you something leave now,cuz if you got bodied by a midget i'll feel bad for you lol which is most likely going to be the case lol

  4. I'd pay to see anyone slap 50. He ain't your average goon. He'll take your soul and your girl. J Electronica is a fool for making this video. He'll be apologizing by weeks end.

  5. He went all out gay. He saying he loves dudes, calling Kendrick his baby. He is a straight up faggot. I hate when people think that money makes you thug. Fuck you

  6. Your whack ass jay… you speakin that shit you supposed to, but we need more BARS. Lets see the CRAFT dawg. Yeah we know you got it. But we ain't seen that shit since when? When the fuck you dropped some material? Tits or GTFO Mr Electron

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