Coachella Pursues Legal Action against Indie Festival called ‘HoodChella’ Because of Their Name.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Coachella pursuing Legal Action against Underground Indie Festival called ‘HoodChella’ Because of Their Name.
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  1. Let's be real Hoodchella would really be more successful than Coachella. A bunch of hood people together having a good time. I see why they'd sue. They just don't want to see the black community doing anything positive.

  2. I've been to Coachella and the shit is some cheeks. It's really meant for hipsters and white people. And don't get me wrong not all the shows are meh it's more so the atmosphere. I'd rather go to Rock the Bells or even something on the East coast.

  3. Thought you were smarter than this… Coachella will win this case easily. You cant use a similar name for a similar activity/business/event.
    Even you said "Sounds like a Coachella for the hood".
    The case will be open close very fast.

  4. I don't think that Coachella has a complete case because "Coachella Valley" is ACTUALLY is real location independent of the music festival. So it looks like Hoodchella is located in the Los Angeles area meaning they could be channeling the regional culture rather than feeding off the established brand Coachella. Like Akademiks said, they don't have a trademark on "chella" unlike a similar festival "Lollapalooza" who actually does hold a trademark of adding "palooza" to various types of shit.

    But the thing about lawsuits like this, its not really about whats right or wrong sometimes, unfortunately its about who's better at playing the system. If Coachella REALLY wanted to they could use their resources to tie these Hoodchella folks up in the legal system and bleed them until they just give up, a legal bully tactic that is used quite often with large corporations vs small businesses.

  5. Lol this is bullying, come on, you wouldn't have to sue if it's infringing on a trademark because people handle that all the time. They would just file the suit for them to change the name, open and shut. On this they fronting like they'll pay them legal fees over this. Hoodchella and Coachella are two different names that happen to rhyme. I would try to take some money up and try to get a lawyer to review this situation and see if they can even do anything.

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