Blac Chyna Removes ‘Future’ Tattoo After he Gives Her a Major Curve.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Blac Chyna removing her ‘Future’ Tattoo After the rapper Gives Her a Major Curve.
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  1. Her dumbass tryna get Tyga mad and it bit her thot ass. Stupid hoes dont know that these dudes be using yall as a way to get at ya ex not because they like you. Enemy assm hoes

  2. Niggas done let these rapping coons distort reality as if it's always been cool to cuff up thots, like simping is,suddenly in style just like everything else they rap about that niggas run out an get. Blac Chyna ain't even pretty she look like she can melt.

  3. Damn craziness but he spoke a lot of truth about these Instagram ladies tho and I agree in a lot of his points but she clowned herself hard smdh!!! Shout out to Future and keep making them hits bruh!!!

  4. You fuck lame lazy niggas wanna fuck but not pay a bitch don't work Ike that that's like fuckin eatin at a restaurant and don't leave a tip cheap broke niggaz that's gud she got wit rob tired of you ungrateful spiritually poor fuck niggaz but right fuc a Thot not my choice but you chose to sleep and bust a nut then wanna talk shit pillow talk cuz you too much of a coward to find a real woman who gone respect you if sex all you won't it cost fuck lazy niggas it's not being a trick you think yo lazy coward truffling ass gone fuck for free everything cost or you can get a ignorant lazy nagging bitch who let you use her you ain't gott be rich but show ya appreciation this is not Africa you fuck and have kid with a bitch that can't raise a kid and guide them right fuck you fuck lazy cry baby niggaz

  5. rob is a fucking idiot just dumb she mad because he curved her your fucking your babyfathers girlfriend brother stfup with the im helping rob exercise.future would never go on a fan online for black chyna she winnin while the ones she really like give her Ls after Ls β˜•

  6. Thats funny, there are multiple pics of that "tattoo" smeared across her hand. Not smeared look due to in process of removal but, smeared like forgot & wiped the sweat off her damn forehea.

  7. The exploitation of these egotistical nimrods makes me very happy to be under the radar. No tats, bastard kids out of wedlock, child support fines, THOT problems, STD's etc. This shit is hilarious, where's my popcorn?

  8. Hahahah it's funny cause she ugly looking as fuck with that blonde ass weave and them nasty looking dimple piercings. Dimple piercings be cute but not on her she look ratchet af. πŸ˜‘

  9. niggas do the same thing just won't confuse to doing the shit girls gotta make that smoney life ain't cheap so stop dissing us and we called thots just because we want dick but when a nigga fuckin 4 girls ain't nobody got shit to say like sit down somewhere with that shit.

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