The Game Announces “The Documentary 2” is a Double Disc With 38 Tracks Dropping on Oct. 9th & Oct 16


DJ Akademiks Speaks on The Game Announcing “The Documentary” Has Been Pushed Back and is a Double Disc Featuring 38 Tracks!
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  1. hey +The Negrotiator aka DJ Akademiks, are you going to do a review on both of these albums? I been bumping them the past few days. I like the beat selection and the contrast between both albums. It has a real old school sound to it, but I like how he flipped the songs

  2. Man the comments on here are written by some PURE haters!

    The Documentary 2 and 2.5 is FIRE! Documentary 2 is more mainstream but still sounds good whilst 2.5 is straight full of West Coast bangers all around. Game's sold 150k from both double-disk CD's when they were released and has come close to 200k this month. Sure didn't sell as well at The Documentary but since he's gone independant without support from a major label he's done great.

    I don't care about the name-dropping or features because I promise you on this album he spits REAL shit! If you want to listen to good emotional bars listen to this album because he takes it back to the 90's especially with the beats. Don't watch the features, every 1 of them do well and it still sounds like a Game album.

    Best of all Game has promised more music like this since he's out of contractual agreements.

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