Rick Ross Gets Engaged to Former Stripper and Popular Instagram Model “Lira Galore”

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DJ Akademiks Speaks on Rick Ross Getting Engaged to Former Stripper and Popular Instagram Model “Lira Galore”
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  1. I just don't get guys. They always want to marry hoes but then get mad when a hoe does what they are known for doing: which is being a HOE. Then they want to complain about all women being that way smh. Let's be real here: most of these rich black men marry women that they can control and that will let them do whatever they want. That way, they don't ever have to give them a real commitment. They know they can control a hoe with material things.

  2. Ross stay losing. Dont understand why niggas stay wanting to wife up these showcase girls, these thots. Their only motive is to finesse you. These niggas really are a different kind of breed, braindead asf.

  3. Why are people complaining, he is just like her. he doesn't fit the description of someone a doctor, attorney or lab chemist with a fine ass booty like myself would want anyway. He is a rapper with no sexual limits as with most of these rappers and frankly most black men, so why is it a problem if he dates a woman with similar traits, a match made somewhere if you ask me. I don't see him doing or being better than her so they belong together or else he will meet someone sexy, pretty woman with integrity and ruin their life.

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