Dr. Umar Johnson Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (08/31/2015)

Dr. Umar Johnson Discusses Heavy Cultural Social Issues with The Breakfast Club.

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  1. Envy, I did the same thing. I didn't buy that ADHD crap either. It was too easily diagnosed. I researched, and did not do that medicine crap, or psychologists. My son grew up in age/ matured, never been suspended, sent to the principle office, great at every sports he touches, and academics. It took me paying more attention, more discipline (not abuse), understanding w talking more and hearing him out. They mainly diagnosed this in elementary ages, how you think they will sit still. They are kids. Yes females mature faster than boys, and fathers in the home makes a great deal.

  2. Once again, this conspiracy theorist starts off pointing out a real problem-the very notion of ADD and ADHD being shit-and veers off into the realm of some patriarchal nonsense like blaming women and making an outlandish claim that women are in control of male behavior in any realm.

  3. Notice how he only focuses on the application of ADHD to 'male' subjects and doesn't seem to care about women in this regard. It is merely a problem concerning 'men' being repressed by 'women'. I presume that the fully developed males tendency to beat and castigate his female counterpart is the fault of her peers mis-diagnosing men.

  4. My word, this dude is the most ridiculously patriarchal clown who sounds as though he is well articulated.
    If he wants to add an equivalency between someone saying they are born gay and a serial killer saying they were born this way, then he needs to universalize this logic and say that people believe other non-biologically verifiable 'facts' such as being 'black', 'white', 'man', and 'woman'.

  5. Hello Dr Umar Johnson.

    First of all I want to say THANK YOU.
    THANK GOD black people still have visionaries and orators like you who are not afraid to say their minds and speak CRITICALLY on behalf of us all.
    In fact, i've been watching your youtube videos recently and I have to say that I am amazed of how thorough and simple your ideas are and how everyday just listening to your speeches makes me more aware of being a black man.
    I was writing you this e-mail because I have a suggestion concerning the black school you want to open.
    Now lemme say this first. I am a modest 25 year old African with a university graduate in bachelor of commerce and I can never pretend to have your level of intellect but am still willing to give you my thoughts, in the hope that it MAY help you in the promotion of your school.
    In fact, your idea about the school REALLY makes SENSE because if we look at various thriving communities around us ( the jews, the chinese, etc…). they trhive because they know how to put their people first before anyone else. HOWEVER, instead of the term black "SCHOOL" , i would rather use black "ACADEMY" and here are the reasons why:

    -First of all, I don't think many of our people are ready for this big step of leaving traditional "SCHOOL" to go to a black "SCHOOL" because many of them are still afraid and like to remain in the traditional "WHITE" education system to limit the risk for their kids. A Black "ACADEMY" on the contrary sounds much more appealing and less risky, in a sense that people who would be less hesitent to embark in this idea as it sounds more like a community stuff. People nowadays (especially black people) would not really buy the idea of a "SCHOOL" because of trust issues and if you make it sound more like an "ACADEMY", there would be less financial risk, not only for people who do not buy your idea or call you "CON ARTIST" but also for you, as I see this academy being more of a complementary education than a compulsory one ( at least in the begining) for black peole.

    -Secondly, in terms of presentation to our people, it will be much easier to sell them that idea since there is already a concrete example of a community "SCHOOL"/"ACADEMY" that already exist and is really thriving: the HEBREW ACADEMY. In fact, I am pretty sure you are well aware about how it works and I think copying this model for our black community would be much simpler. This will be an academy where kids and grown ups can come to learn about being black nowadays, as well as complementary teachings they fail to teach black people in traditional schools, such as economy, entrepreneurship and what not targeted to black people only.

    -Lastly, I am an African and I think your "SCHOOL" should not just limit itself to america but to the WHOLE AFRICAN CONTINENT. Just like we have hebrew academies in almost every major cities, we ould also benefit from a black "ACADEMY" in major african, european cities and what not. This will help uniting thoughts of all AFRICANS across the world to work in synergy and benefit your precious ideas.

    I REALLY HOPE that you will, AT least read this because I have put a lot of heart in it and I REALLY wanna thank you again for your hustle because it will be fruitfull in the end for sure!


    P.S.: Sorry for the grammar mistakes if there are. English is not my best language so I hope you will understand :).

    Jean-Marcel LAURET

  6. I Agree With Dr. Umar Johnson About Special Education System I Was In Special Education Class When I Was Going To School I Have A Learning Disabilities My Disabilities Is Reading And Math My Reading Level Is A 6th Grade Level And My Math Level Is A 7th Grade Level When I Was In Elementary School Back In The Day I Had Hard Time With Math The Elementary School Teachers Didn't Not Have Patience With Me At All I Wanted To Go To A Regular School So Bad They Said I Couldn't Not Go To A Regular School Because They Feel I Wasn't Going To Do Good In Regular School To Be Honest I Believe I Would Of Did Good In Regular School I Would Of Learn More In Regular School Because I Went To A Special Needs School System I Was So Bad At Them People When They Said I Couldn't Not Go To A Regular School

  7. Till To This Day I Still Have A Hard Time With Reading And Math My Reading Level Is A 6th Grade Level And My Math Level Is A 7th Grade Level I Try My Best To Teach Myself How To Read Better And I Try My Best To Teach Myself How To Do Math Better I Feel That Reading And Math Is So Important In Life

  8. I used to play the video games almost all day long and my type is still as up to par other than most people's under mine. I read a whole lot of BOOKS. That's how I learned how to type coherently.

  9. this is to Dr umar Johnson the pan African why don't u push for Jamaica to be come a place for black american to become dual citizen this will help the Jamaican economy

  10. Man all these Black celebs/entertainers plus the Black population in general could have easily and swiftly BEEN financed this facility for the attempt of improvement of our youth but we purchase all this flashy shit that don't mean shit after we buy it. Do we really want change bruh? I think most of us are comfortable in this oppression. Smh.

  11. Pathetic Cowardly Blacks. A White Cop shoots a Black Thug, Pimp Criminal. Then a Black Cowards Shoots a Asian and Latino police officers to show his frustration at the White power structure. Like a Good slave. Black KNOWS not to Attack Master..White and jew Males.
    Why didn't the Frustrated Black man shoot 2 White officers? Why a Asian and latino cops? And the Latino "Community", Forgives the Black shooter? Blacks have done their Job. They're keeping the Latinos in line, for master.
    White and jew Males CANT attack Asian Males, but their Bred, Fed and Kenneled dogs will..Blacks. Blacks have ALWAYS been RACE KILLERS for White and Jew males that run America. They kill because that is the ONLY way Blacks are allowed to EXIST in America.

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