Justin Bieber Addresses Misconceptions of Being A Jerk & Doesn’t Recommend Fame At A Young Age

Justin Bieber talks about his troubled past, saying that the biggest misconception that people have about him is that he’s a jerk. He explains that religion and his past experiences have helped him become the changed man he is today, and that he’s ready to put focus again on his music, starting off with his new single, “What Do You Mean?”

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  1. Actually we have to go tu church, it is not only an obligation it is necessary for us to grow spiritually, and the best of all is that we take communion (the body of Christ), so we can be more united with Christ.

  2. I see that this video is from a few years back. I was going through some things in my life and listening to this a few years later, really touched me. I feel like it is easy for people to lose sight of what is important in life. I am glad I randomly came across this video because it made my whole day better.

  3. proud proud.. he's doing just fine & ofcourse JB is the most misunderstood celebrity..he's always been a great young man..people just want to see what they wanna see..but either way JB is doing so much better..good for him..screw the haters..love u JB

  4. "There are chapters that you pass and that wasn't me, that might have been stuff that I was doing but that doesn't define who I am" 🙌


  5. JB is a beautiful person! He cares for others and at the same time cares for himself!! People (especially the paparazzi) need to leave him alone and please let him live his beautiful life

  6. Umm actually when Ozzy bit the head off a bat, he never heard the end of it. The fact that it's even still referenced today shows you how long people remember that, and didn't think highly of it. It was also an accident. He thought it was a Halloween rubber bat that someone threw on stage, and he was taken to the hospital. However, he did bite the head of a dove when he was intoxicated, and yes, people hated it. The image of his music is dark, though, and Justin Beiber's isn't. Referencing the bat just didn't make sense. He was also arrested for pissing on the Alamo, and banned from Texas for like 20 years or something like that..so its not different. Not at all. Do dumb things, and you pay the consequences. Don't reference Ozzy Osbourne and act like he is impervious to consequences, because he isn't.

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