Andy Mineo Rips the 5 Fingers of Death

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  1. hes good but his freestyling was very simplistic and not impressive really. how do all of these people get more love than locksmith…doesnt make sense to me. does he say to much truth about the way the world is ran or what? it erks me.

  2. your already fames victim nothing about the spirit of christ…oh wow you throw something about christ now its of the spirit sad we must examine our self if you chosen from christ then every word you speak will reflect him ad the spirit of christ will cause millions to repent and come to christ

  3. Sway You Trippin you got all these wacc sell out rappers for fame and glorification receiving claps god deserves all glory throw sevin on their and watch the spirit of christ reflect out that man..

  4. Watching these Christian rappers really makes me proud to not only listen to these guys all the time, but to be a Christian too. Shows people that Christians arent what a lot of people think.

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