“We heard he was an animal. Everybody that went up there left. He knocked everybody out…we drove up all the way to the Catskills…me and Mike Tyson met, lovely guy…he showed me boxers I’ve never seen before…the next day, me and Mike Tyson jumped into the ring together…he was coming like a whirlwind…man, the first day was rough,” stated former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, who told a great story about his first meeting and sparring sessions with fellow former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Check it out!


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  1. Douglas beat him in his prime tyson was 24, if a good boxer could get past 6 or 7 rounds with him they might have a chance when he tired, buster douglas beating him was his only real loss, he wasn't half the boxer when lewis and holyfield beat him, from 18 to 26 he was lethal left or right hand his trainer cus D amato said he never seen such power in his 50 years as a trainer his dying in 1985 is where tyson starter to go down hill and it took a lot out of him he was like his father..

  2. If they were fighting in the 80s Tyson would win. Simply because he was PRO heavyweight champion and Lewis still an amateur. But prime Lewis would win prime Tyson in any case. The only fighter that really posed a threat to Lewis was Vitaly, but Lewis was already past his prime during their fight.

  3. In reading everyone's comments, everyone thinks Tyson would of beat Lewis in Tyson's prime. Lewis claims he wanted the fight for several years and Mike ducked him. Who knows if that's true. Tyson did not care about fighting at all when they finally meet. So who knows?

  4. In retrospect I do think Tyson would have struggled against Lewis even in his prime but the difference is with Lewis's tendency to drop his hands and against a young and hungry Tyson that would have been fatal .People forget that Tyson after he won the championship he began to gradually decline because of his tendency to not train as hard after he essentially cleaned out the division.And then when he finally was beaten badly by Douglas I think his confidence was shattered permanently .He never was very good with adversity,if he was beating someone fairly well he was fine but if someone began to fight back he was not that sharp so nah Lewis would have weathered the storm and came on in the later rounds and knocked Mike out although I do recognize it would have been a better fight had it happened early in their careers instead the fight we got where Lewis just dominated.

  5. They are both great fighters and had their own eras where they were pretty unstoppable. Tyson had an early spark and lewis got better with age.. I think the tyson who lost against holyfield would have had a better shot at lewis no less a prime tyson. Tyson is a smaller fighter with a style that requires a lot of speed combinations and counters.. He had to be at his best, and his style is more of a young man's style. I don't think tyson had a chance in the stage he was in. Talking about who would in their primes.. Thats speculation.. People argue about it like its gospel.. We simply don't know because it didn't happen. Its as simple as that. I can just say that tyson was a lot quicker back than and would get inside and throw combinations with a lot of head movement and speed.. Would prime mike tyson beat a prime lewis.. We will never know.. I do think though that if they fought in the 80's Tyson would have won because I don't think lewis was in his actual prime then. Tyson was like one of those kid celebrities who could have been amazing actors with a great career but instead they vanished because they couldn't handle the life..

  6. prime prime prime all the fanboys have to say pmsl…..i liked Tyson as a fighter (in my top 10),but this prime shit is for casuals….if he fought anyone noteworthy in this prime,then we could have a measure,but he didnt..he was taken the distance several times in his prime and lost also….

  7. for all the casuals, its well documented that Tyson avoided Lewis at a certain time,its also very well known ,he wanted no part of George Foreman either….Tysons style was made for Foreman….these are the facts,do some research (proper),instead of just spouting what you "feel" is correct.

  8. their fight answered no questions all it did was make money. I wish they fought in 89 then we would really know who was the best. Instead Tyson lost 3 of his last 4 career fights and Lewis was one of those… lame

  9. This guy actually talks like he thinks he would have beat Mike when his heart was in the ring. What a shame that he is so arrogant. Mike would have destroyed him if he actually wanted to fight at the time.

  10. Height advantage, reach advantage, medication advantage, plus all the other reasons already listed about Tyson's lack of heart at that time, his money problems, his life problems, his ongoing misery, his poor trainers, his poor management, his poor promoters. If they had fought when Tyson was in his prime Lewis would have been gone in 1 or 2 rounds. Now because they fought in Lewis's prime, when Tyson was only throwing single shots, he says he is the best. I don't think that's true at all. Lewis just got him at the right time when he was past caring and over-medicated. Lewis was always way too arrogant. Even after Haseem Rahman hit him with a beauty when he was showboating, he got up off the floor after being counted out and still claimed "There is no way this guy can beat me." His trainer had to tell him what happened.

  11. Even Lewis after his fight with Tyson in the ring, said graciously that he could not beat Tyson in his prime, and at Lewis's prime he stated he had now beaten Tyson. It was really an anti-climax not should of been an Ali-Frazier.

  12. Dude just admit he punished you when y'all sparred and stop talking like you fought Tyson at his best and not his most vulnerable time. You're giving a long explanation and not being very specific shows you're avoiding the full true answer.

  13. Tyson didn't move as well after prison. He had an "early prime" like a point-guard in basketball he relied on quickness and speed… A bigger taller man like Lennox Lewis and George Foreman can fight at a high-level into his 30's or even 40's, Mike Tyson peaked in his 20's.

  14. Tyson KO'd him in sparring, same he did with carl the truth williams, he fought a lesser tyson, now this is the difference tyson ali, also became lesser and came back, mike had a lot of demons and losing cus was big. prime mike kills everyone but ali, might even beat ali but , you can never count ali out, big george also

  15. Tyson lost in his prime to douglas and holyfield twice. he was gettting decked by bums at the end as he was mentally weak! etienne took a dive lol. he ducked lewis even paid him off cos he wouldve got fucked up! he always claimed rusty and needed '2-3 more fights'!!

  16. Mike's pretty humble about all this and is mature enough to just let things go and not get heated over what Lennox or Evander have to say about beating him in the past (Lennox definitely seems like he tries to sneak it into every convo to this day when someone asks him about Tyson).

    Mike was a different animal back then; I do really believe Lennox took this into consideration, as he is a year older than Tyson but stayed in the am's and focused on going for gold when around the same time Tyson went pro and became the youngest (still is, too) heavyweight champion of all-time, instead of going pro. I mean he got knocked out in sparring with Tyson. Rooney says he became a brawler and who took shots when originally Tyson's style was truly to slip and use footwork to barely get touched when angling enough to set up knockout punches.

    But I always do believe Cus knew that Lewis was going to become a stylistic horror since Lewis was a true outboxer who was much taller than Tyson (who, especially by the early 2000s-now era is a very small HW). If Tyson was going to beat Lewis, it would've had to been when Lewis didn't put on mass (by the late 90s to early 2000s the HW division champs were competing up to 240 pounds, Tyson was never this big or tall)

    and even Tyson said his style was truly a "young man's style" in one of the documentaries up on Netflix, if I recall correctly. Slipping to set up knockout punches from the peakaboo requires a lot of fast-paced energy expenditure and younger reflexes; this is simply not an old-school style that carries efficiency to allow you to be crafty and keep you long in the game (like Bernard Hopkin's style, for example). Even the hand placement to only covers the chin is dangerous considering you're having to slip an occasional take hits to the forehead to gain advantageous angles, it's fine when you're young, but when you lose those younger reflexes those occasional hits to the forehead becoe more frequent an you feel em a lot more. I mean, this was a style Cus truly developed on what was kinda the cutting edge new approach to old-school boxing (and kinda stayed with Cus to his deathbed).

    Lewis and Tyson are both great students of the game who got educated by true old-school gurus of boxing and they both must've known given time where Lewis would naturally gain mass and professional craft in honing his lengthy outboxing, and Tyson just naturally getting slower for the peakaboo style to be effective as he aged that stylistically Lewis was going to beat him.

    Even in the 80's traditional boxing logic would've given the fight to the taller outboxer in Lewis, but Mike was a bit of a genetic mutant in how athletic he really was and he was mentally just game whereas it was apparent Lewis would rather stay in the am's instead.

    And that's not factoring in all the other stuff (jail, money, trainers, whatever) that Mike went through. Just knowing your boxing Lewis was always gonna be a problem for Mike, even in the 80's. But the raw talent, athleticism, focus, and confidence that Cus built for him (Tyson always operated on stress, not inherent confidence like what Ali or even Floyd Jr have) was what would've given Tyson the win if they met real early in a pro career (but Lewis' trainers were all too smart to let that happen).

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