Chris Tucker FULL INTERVIEW | BigBoyTV

Comedian Chris Tucker drops by the studio to chat with Big Boy! They discuss his new Netflix stand-up special “Chris Tucker Live”, Michael Jackson’s amazing sense of humor, the rumored “Rush Hour 4”, and more!






Big Boy TV is expanding the Neighborhood to give viewers YouTube-exclusive content: vlogs, pranks, celebrity interviews, phone taps, and more.


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  1. Chirs tucker don't look old he still the same fuck dc young fly fawwwww you mean he the real chirs tucker look like the crack head unobrown cow look ass nigga faawwww k you mean boi

  2. One and only Chris Tucker. No black comedians are as funny as him nowadays. Some people try to say Kevin Hart. Fuck no. Nobody today can match upto Chris Tucker. Kevin Hart has to try to find something to say to make people laugh. Chris Tucker just makes people laugh even when he's not trying to. This dude is naturally funny. Money Talks and Rush Hour series, the dude knows how to make people laugh without even trying. Knows when to make funny gesture. Can't get any funnier than him.

  3. Bigboy talks to damn much. Are you doing interviews or is this a platform for you to talk? You did the same shit with the interview with 50. It is annoying as hell. Learn some etiquette. I can't finish watching this shit. Ask the question and let your guest answer, quit interrupting with your reminiscences and shit.🖕🏿

  4. big boy i would think u would knw how to do an interview bcuz u been doin this for a long time but let a person answer a question b4 u interrupt and let him answer b4 u ask the next question damn!

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