Kevin Gates Talks Society, Stereotypes and Love

Kevin Gates gets personal with Rikki, talking about being raised by his Grandmother, wanting human affection, being different than how he “looks” and stereotypes in society.

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  1. as a college kid who has always been told he's gifted and highly intelligent, I relate to him. I've been arrested, sent to rehabilitation therapy, kicked out, suspended and attempted suicide. just because you are intelligent doesn't mean you don't have street knowledge. what he spits is a form of knowledge brought about by a hard life and struggles with depression.

  2. what is Kevin Gates about his DJ and his promoter that he left behind when he got a little Fame knowing good and well he never carried a gun or never sold drugs his whole Asana is a lie all he does is lie let's talk about him being in special ed let's talk about him line up on his whole childhood

  3. Kevin is not a bad person although he may act aloof and too absurd. He see things differently from some. He is broad minded and he see things in many different ways. Yes, folks may classify him as an asshole or not being humble enough. But there's a lot of reason behind his actions especially if a women touch him and he backs off. Don't take it personally. some folks just don't like to be touch if its not from his own. He has different beliefs. I like his motive. I like how he put his words together to make it have meaning to it. I look up to kevin …. Mentally. He's not a bad person. But we'll never be good enough to folks. Remember that people.

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