50 Cent Explains Why He Messes with Schoolboy Q+Kendrick Lamar

50 Cent talks about Kendrick Lamar and his recent impact in hip hop. 50 also explains how different it is putting out music now as opposed to when he first started.


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  1. You never know that any work, even hard honest work, is going to pay off. Life's just not that simple or that fair always, if ever. I wish it was as simple as "work hard and it'll always pay off." I think 50 cent is projecting his own world views onto Kendrick thinking that he had to have known it because this is something 50 cent believes about himself, his career, the hard work he's put into it, and the success he's gotten. Seems like he doesn't want to admit somewhere that luck and chance of opportunity (like who you know or happen to meet) play a huge part in any celebrities career at one point or another. There's no guaranteed formula, no perfect steps to follow to make success happen. There's just ideas from people who have made it and those who haven't, and those who have made it sometimes tend to get a bit arrogant or prideful about their own success, wanting to seem like it was 100% of their own merit and hard work, like it's a fair game out there or something…

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