Pharrell: What Makes Him An Unique Artist

Pharrell talks individuality, uniqueness and why certain songs and artists are great. He tells Big Boy why it’s possible for so many people to be famous all at once.

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  1. ★…Pharrell…★

  2. One off the few unique rap artists, his stuff evolves all the time, he is not afraid to put out a positive message in his music, not this old stale violent rap shit that all the others do.

  3. I got to be the only one that was not Obsessed with happy. I 'm glad that it made others happy (no punned intended) but it makes me mad that some others thing that was his only song and he never did anything. I had a friend who had never heard of him before and just calls him the happy guy.

  4. I totally agree with Pharrell on succeeding with a song.
    1) individuality of the artist
    2) the audience who makes you

    The only thing missing from his observation is what I think is the most important thing to successful artists.

    3) Budget

    I say this because without a budget to advertise the product, you have nothing. Not taking away anything from Pharrell. He is a talented artist. Wishing I could get the funding.

    I'm still working on #2 , getting the crowd behind you, but most important a budget to get people to hear my material. Need a song that is catchy. I respect and admire Pharrell for his musical genius whether you like him or not. Hey almost a billion hits on his Happy video. WOW! Incredible…

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