Nick Cannon Discusses Losing His V-Card, Celebrities He’s Smashed, Mariah Carey, and More | BigBoyTV

Nick Cannon visited Power 106 and kicked it with Big Boy. Topics on the table included how he cried when he lost his virginity, his celebrity sex list, Eminem, and the age old question of how in the world he ended up with Mariah Carey.




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Nick Cannon Talks About Losing His Virginity, Celebrities He’s Smashed, Eminem, Mariah Carey, and More!


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  1. my perspective on this. I see it as When Guys Fun talk, it's his past that he can be honest about. People are so fucking possessive and jealous, if that's all it took for her to leave then I shake my dam head. Stay w a person long enough and you too end up dealing w some shit. question is how do we grow from it.

  2. Seems like he was having trouble coming up with just five women…that's why he put mariah in there because he has a reputation to keep but he couldn't even name that many

  3. That's the reason Mariah is not with this stupid guy!! Talking about personal stuff!! SMH!!! Good for you Mariah!! Now you've got a real man!!! God bless you both!!!❤️🦋🎼

  4. Like the honesty but a little too open. LOLOL I like how Nick was real about saving Eminem even though they had some bad blood between them. Very true how Em is EXTREMELY important to hip hop culture

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