J Lo Talks About Her Booty and How She REALLY Feels About Diddy and Ben Affleck! | BigBoyTV

Hollywood and music icon Jennifer Lopez kicked it with Big Boy. She spilled the beans on her favorite cuss word, her famous booty, crazy fans, and how she REALLY feels about Diddy and Ben Affleck!
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J Lo Talks About Her Booty, Swear Words, and How She REALLY Feels About Diddy and Ben Affleck!


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  1. Hollywood said loose that ass if you want to get these acting roles to take you to another level. Thats why she dumped Puffy too. Can't be with niggaz shooting in the club. Dump the nigga and loose that ass. You must shape yr body into a caucasian no more Jenny from da block. lol Facts

  2. wtf everyone knows she's a man you guys got to do some search before you come and attack me, look at her shoulders, hands and body women don't have bodies like that she's a man trust me she's

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