Jamie Foxx talking smack about Big Boy?? – Phone Taps Ep. 5, Animated by Ownage Pranks| BigBoyTV

Did Jamie Foxx really say that Big Boy has so much loose skin that he has to tie it up in a ponytail?! Watch now and hear all the crazy accusations!
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  1. Jamie Foxx/ E. Bishop lied on his dead grandmother!!! type in search engine. see video and know that he is a ARROGANT SELFISH UNGRATEFUL FOOLISH STUPID little b. know this if not for God letting me do what i did, This fool would not be name Jamie Foxx!

  2. This dude has got to be the most funniest man on the planet! I always look forward to tuning into the radio on thursdays just to hear big boy's phone taps xD I know ya prolly won't reply, but you're an inspiration man. keeep it up

  3. ownage and big boy gotta put these phone calls his and bigs into cartoons and get it on tv or computer like wwe is doing and charge ppl per month this is a gold mine

  4. I have been in the music and film industries for many years — I am 37
    and decided to retire last year, but my company still is doing quite
    well. I do not work anymore, but I happen to have a phone with over 500
    celebrity actors/actresses/all types of famous people/studio owners/etc– that
    I have worked with in the past couple decades. I also was famous and
    had my 15 minutes of fame.ย  So from the late 90's to 2015, many of the top
    movie and music stars/models/executives/etc — I have their personal
    phone numbers. So if anybody would like a few numbers for the sake of
    pranking I would give them out. There is ONE rule that you HAVE to
    follow though. The rule that you MUST follow is after the prank has been
    done is that you tell them that I gave the number so they will not get
    mad wondering who gave it out, and then send me the recording, so I can
    call them back and have a little laugh with them. #celebrityphonenumbers

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