Built by Bama – 60 MINUTES SPORTS Preview

Scott Cochran is the director of strength and conditioning for Alabama’s football program. Find out how he’s kept Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide in better shape than the rest. Watch 60 Minutes Sports on SHOWTIME http://s.sho.com/60MinSports.

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  1. i wondered what his deal was with the yelling and craziness and accent. read his bio and he's from Louisiana—–must have some Cajun in him! he's different and obviously effective with that NOLA swagger. awesome, love him as a counter to Saban's approach

  2. I love this preview, it really shows why Bama is #1 in the country.  It's funny because Scott Cochran I believe is the best strength coach in the Nation, but he can't stop screaming even in his interviews. RTR! 

  3. listen up people especially you fuckung Yankee chickenshit pussies:BAMA is GOD.Everyone is is the rest.Step up and get bitch slapped. and if you are a Yankee just do the gentleman thing and die

  4. Cochran is a freaking loudmouth nutjob, recruiting is why Alabama is at top, Saban is a master recruiter, also Alabama is a hotbed for good talent

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