Mickey Bey vs. John Molina: Round 10 | ShoBox: The New Generation

On Friday, July 19th, former world title challenger John Molina stepped into the ring to take on undefeated prospect Mickey Bey. Both Molina and Bey delivered a slugfest to remember.


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  1. Bey should retire after this fight he hasn't been the same mentally. If you watch the fight live , bet was saying "I got robbed I got robbed" he was out of it

  2. eso d falso invictos hay muchos x ahy y son buenos boxeadores,y otros no tan buenos y estan invictos falsamente tambien,,,estar invicto no significa ser adsolutamente lo mejor,,los mas grandes han perdido,,ahora las divas como canelo se mantendran invictas falsamente hasta que se topen con un reto real.

  3. wicked last round but that is a bad stoppage. He wouldn't of made the final bell imo but with being a minute left and him being so far ahead he needed more of a chance than that

  4. it's about time an underdog beat one of these Sissy boxers with hand-picked opponents. Mickey Bey was supposed to be a big name but he's never recovered from this loss. on the other hand John Molina has been featured on Showtime Boxing several times since. great fight I remember standing up and cheering in my living room when I saw this live

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