Snoop Lion & Cheech and Chong Speak on Their Best and Worst Marijuana Experiences

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  1. cheech is so fucking stupid whats the worst weed you ever smoked mexican brick weed all time worst all the time you miss the days of moldy brick weed your sick that shits everywhere still to this day

  2. My best experience was my first time. My friends said I could not stop laffing! My worst experience was when at a friends house I tried to stand up from the sofa but my legs wouldn't cooperate. I had to crawl on my hands and knees in order to get to the bathroom to pee! I could not feel my legs to make them move or walk.

  3. unbelievable that they locked up Chong for nine months for selling pipes online. don't our authorities have anything better to do like arrest those wall street assholes? always going for the easy kill because they're spineless

  4. Man I don't know how Cheech liked that Mexican brick weed because for sure that's the worst weed I have ever smoked it's the kind of weed you only smoke because you're desperate lol.and snoop talking about rolling with the Bible lmao I have also done that and felt guilty as fuck lol desperate times call for desperate measures.

  5. YYYAAAAAAHHHHHHHH !!! Weed royalty, old and current. We're only missing the next gen sensible pothead. How many of us could sit and swap old war stories with 'em…having seen and grasped their subversive truthful views contained within the humor and song.

  6. Ive been smoking weed since 7th grade till now but i hear you can get schizophrenia from smoking it to long and schizophrenia runs in my families blood wtf should i do or any advice??

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