Kid Cudi Talks About His New Label and Changing Hip Hop

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Kid Cudi elaborates on leaving G.O.O.D Music and talks about new label “Wicked Awesome”.

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  1. Let's face it kid cudi has been hyping chip the ripper for YEARS! Chips rap career will not go mainstream chip will stay underground so he better get used to it

  2. Music is hurting BAD right now, and if theres anyone who can make an honest difference, its fukin cudi!!!! Mad respect to a true artist! And not just a rapper out for money and fame, theres a huge difference between being a rapper and being a musician. I truly believe Scotts music can save the world!
    From one of his many number 1 fans,
    -Vincent Valenzuela

  3. I'm so glad he's approaching his music with this intellectual mindset. I became a Cudi when I listened to Man of the Moon. His lyrics have meaning, and they have a certain substance that can be quite uplifting to his audience

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