Chris Brown Speaks on When Karrueche and Rihanna Met & Explains Being in Love with Two Women

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  1. for many obvious reasons it seems Karruche was more invested with Chris then Rihanna was so for her I don't think it was a big deal. For Kar. she would rather deal with that then leave him. Pregnancy from complete random must of just been final straw.

  2. I totally agree with Shelley . He is so so so damaged mentally now at his age. What 30? The large amounts of money in his bank accounts every day has brought him torment, misery, dishonour, sorrow and abuse. Just because way way way back he was not looked after properly and decently by two righteous kind, generous, protective non swearing, God fearing parents who should have never brought him around music. They should have taken him to live in a completely different country , not surrounded by too many people I call them beasts. Who all wanted him . All because he grew up to be a handsome light skinned guy . The music , his love for money. the dancing and his beauty on his face will be his downfall. Just my take on his life.

  3. Obviously, Chris Brown has not met the one for him, as simple as that. So Karrueche should stop crying over Chris Brown and Rihanna needs to get out of the failed relationship between the two of them. Chris Brown simply has not met the one for him that is surely in his future once he matures and realize what "real love" is and that you have to love yourself before you can love anybody else. Chris Brown is not the only man who meet women, makes babies and still have no real love for the women. In my opinion, Chris Brown has not really grown into a real man who is able to be committed to only one woman.

  4. This dude is mad disrespectful. This is unbelievable. He is laughing and joking about these two women that he is straight up doing dirty like "he he he they met each other and were cool…I know they love me"…What? His daughter is going to grow up in the same world that these women are in. What is he going to do when someone like him comes knocking on her door?

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