50 Cent Talks Mayweather Beef & How It Started!

50 Cent reveals his favorite collaboration with Eminem and talks music that hasn’t been heard.


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  1. bull do some research online 50 tried to have floyd sign away from al haymon but floyd is very loyal to al haymon all the money he made dont fix what aint broke. lets face it floyd is the goose that laid the golden egg not all those other irrelevant fighters that fifty claimed to sign. unfortunate because 50 is much more credible because he articulate his thoughts much better in the public eye. but in a nutshell he tried to pull a don king when mike tyson was in jail so there would be a contract in place when he gets out but we know what happened to mike. and no one can question the job al haymon did managing floyds career and the public multiple fight contract with showtime and pacqiua fight after his incarceration

  2. 50 didn't call his ex and his young son when someone threw a petrol bomb through the window and nearly kill them now he's beefin with Floyd and telling the world he can't read and he's upset floyd didn't ring him when his son got a boo boo on his arm 50 you're faker than a 2 dollar bill

  3. 50 came up the hard way with NO parents no one,floyd was born with a golden spoon of boxing his uncle and dad made him end of no comparison 50 is superior.

  4. Floyds a bitch…..he's a talent, he's a good fighter but not a GREAT fighter, I completely believe he's scared to fight that lil Irish dude, Connor, floyds an apple picker, he ain't got the heart…..

  5. this is the second time that 50 has exposed Mayweather for who he is and yet ppl still think he's real nah he's a fraud who spends money faster than he actually make it

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