Ne-Yo talks favorite sex position, celebrity hook-ups, Mila Kunis & Rihanna

Ne-Yo stops by Power 106 Big Boy’s Neighborhood and talks new album, first smash, celebrity smashes, 24 hour smash record, favorite sex position, Mila Kunis & Rihanna. A Gentleman never tells…

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  1. Dude was 9 years old when he lost his virginity?! what the fuck, when I was 9 I was prolly out eating sand and shit lol. Hell I dont even know if I could get hard back then…god damn neyo haha.

  2. haha howย neyo gonna sayย  he can tell whom he hasn't been with, but cant say whom he has been with. lol my boi big boi fell for that sht to.

  3. MichaelJackson said the same thing in his interview with Oprah!!!! It was so cute he was like "Why would you make me say that, I'm a gentlemen" lol or something like that

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