Jaleel White clears Family Matters rumors on #SwayInTheMorning

Jaleel White talks clears parenthood rumors, as well as Family Matters rumors on #SwayInTheMorning.

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  1. He's a liar.He came home and he put her stuff in storage, threw her on the streets, and even offered her a measly $200, 000 to walk away from her own child the arrogance of this guy, , this guy is a monster in relationships and everyone keeps quiet about his abusive tendencies. ..he had alot of fights on Dancing with stars staff and producers, everyone doesn't want to tell on him…he will end up alone. (He is also lieing about Kelly)

  2. Good dude, stayed out of trouble and still people try to clown him. So, the truth is, its not if you're Gary Coleman or Dana Plato and things go bad for you career wise, its just people are hateful because Jaleel maintained a long career and people still hating on him. We need to support those who do well like Malcolm Jamal Warner and Jaleel White and pray for those who unfortunately didnt have the parental guidance like Gary Coleman and Dana Plato.

    Much love to Jaleel White, a true good example of how to handle Hollywood.

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