How close was Mike Tyson with Tupac?

Mike Tyson speaks on Tupac


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  1. 2PAC IS THE BEST!!!Mike Tyson loved 2Pac I wish I could hang out with these two Id be the happiest in the world cuz they both wise and #1 ! I love 2PAC so much, Mike you r great ,2PAC is engraved in my heart!

  2. 2pac wasn't planning on living a long life obviously he just wanted to change the fucked up ways of society and how humans worked he had a plan after that he could careless if he died.

  3. Thank god we still have Mike Tyson a great humane being and caring dude. Had his ups and down, pulled threough, good guy at heart, the world threw him a bad hand and he's still here

  4. think how Pac would been 2day or even a gulag in 2002 or sumthing he was really. weaken up he was turning around he said I can't wait I hear people say REMEMBER WHEN 2PAC WAS BAD HE wanted a chance in an interview 3 months before he tired I think you would have been a family man and he could have had a choice of multiple career paths

  5. He was such an animal when i was a kid i wouldn't have ever wanted to be around him. I'd be proud and feel my son was in good hands spending time at the Tyson house. He was young… then woke up.

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