Recap: Strikeforce Henderson vs. Sobral, plus Daley, Smith, Lawler, Lindland, Silva, Kyle SHOWTIME

In a spectactular night of MMA action, Dan Henderson, Paul Daley and Robbie Lawler all scored first round KOs against Babalu Sobral, Scott Smith, and Matt Lindland. In the other two bouts, Antonio Silva scored a TKO against Mike Kyle and Ovince St. Preux won his bout by unanimous decision over Benji Radach.


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  1. @LApsychobilly323 Lmao, after the fight apparently babalu saw henderson at the afterparty and was like "hey, you GOTTA buy me a beer after THAT" haha, henderson punches so fucking hard its ridic.

  2. There were 5 UFC title challengers in this video with Lawler being the current WW champion. Lindland, Silva, Sobral, Henderson all fought for a title with Henderson doing so twice.

  3. Man come to realise how fucking good StrikeForce actually was. If they actually kept Strikeforce going it actually could compete with the UFC. Today every UFC champion from welterweight to heavyweight is a former Strikeforce fighter lol.

  4. Damn I miss Strikeforce. Looking back at it now, Bellator doesn't have shit on what Strikeforce used to have. Serious contender for the UFC. It's a damn shame the UFC bought(monopolized)them.

  5. Damnnn even in slo mo look at the fuckin acceleration of that second punch its lightning fast!!! The physics of that punch must have equated to SOO much energy!

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