Kobe and LeBron: Mutual Respect

Visit http://www.nba.com/video for more highlights. Kobe Bryant and LeBron James give an insight to their relationship and mutual respect for one another.


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  1. LeBron will never play like Kobe, Yes LebRons a great player with out a doubt but when you have the right offence and defence ofcourse you're going to be a great player. LeBron wouldn't have championships if wade or,bosh wasnt there, but same goes for kobe. If fisher and shaq wasn't on his team he wouldn't of done so well

  2. Kobe has ONE of if not the best spin jumpers, and LeBron's contact layup/dunks are crazy. The respect that these two have is something all fans should towards everyone's ideology and beliefs about basketball.

  3. Two of the best players of all time with two of the most cancerous fandoms of all time. I hate these kids who think they're badasses saying "retard" on the internet. And the worst is they don't even know what they're talking about. Respect for LBJ and Kobe, I hope there will be others like them in the future.

  4. The only rivalry these two had is the fans fighting over who is better. These two are both great players and classy gentlemen who loves basketball. You can tell how they all get along off the court and respect each other. If only fans were able to respect each other and NBA players. I'm sad to see Kobe retire..truly one of the greats! Lebron is still doing his thing, but most definitely when he retires it will be just as sad. Maybe then..people will respect and see how great Lebron is..there will be no one like him..just like how there will be no one like Kobe and no one like Jordan. Special players come every once and while enjoy what they bring to the NBA..they won't stay forever. RESPECT THEM.

  5. When he left the Cavs in 2010, they went from 61 wins to 19 wins. Compare that to how Kobe impacted the Lakers from 2005 till 2006. LBJ became the best player snce then. Won 4 MVPs in 5 years.

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