1st victims identified in London terror attack

Among the seven victims in the London attack were a French national and a Canadian woman, Christine Archibald, 30, who was with her fiance on London Bridge when she died.


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  • Sooo sad

  • time to do something about Muslims

  • Saying all muslims must be deported is very harsh. But the bad muslims are ruining it for the good. They all need to go to keep England safe and America safe. At least all the male muslims.

  • This is so heartbreaking… 🇬🇧🙏🏽🇬🇧

  • H B

    Muslims are not not not doing these attacks.

  • WHY DID IT TAKE 2 HOURS for the PARAMEDICS TO ARRIVE to save that woman?
    Was there a hostage situation?
    Sth is off with the timeline…

  • When will whites stop creating false flag attacks? Only God knows and the end time is near, end of the white manipulation, the end of Caucasians.

  • Such a terrible thing! God bless all of the people who were killed, injured, or just frightened… and their families. And thank God for the brave people who helped!

  • Why don't u count and identify all the people who died in the Middle East because of terrorist America

  • terror attack? u.s media is shameless

  • England is a mess now. This shit needs to stop!

  • Islam is the religion of devil. Mohammad, the pedophile, was evil.
    Muslims are Terrorists, gang-rapists and mass-murderers.
    You either kill the Islamic plague or it kills entire humanity.

  • not all Muslims are evil, but the bad ones make it bad for the good ones to the point where no one cares if they're good or bad, just get rid of them. we can't take any chances

  • Rise of the planet of the Muslims

  • religion of peace strikes again.

  • Just horrible!

  • Isn't the earring on the fiance just a tiny clue that this is a bogus event?

  • We are at war with Muslims. Very sad, and frightening times, and we need to get them out of the country. It's like watching a horror movie. Evil is crawling around, and it needs to be destroyed before more innocent lives are taken!
    How dare they come into our country/culture, and despise us. If we went to their countries (which I would never do), we'd have to abide by their clothing laws, and everything else, so if they don't like ours, they can f…..off back to their disgusting filthy homes in Abadabi, or wherever they come from!